The engagement record is an online tool that allows students to track the engagement activities they participate in like student employment, student organization involvement, volunteer and service information, study abroad, research, and experiential course enrollment. This engagement will help make our students more employable, competitive, and marketable in the job market and to graduate schools.

Students can print out or export their engagement record with activities they choose to include. This can easily be used to build out their Handshake profile, résumé/CV, LinkedIn profile, or applications for internships, practica, or scholarships.  

View our 2022-2023 Engagement & Success Report.

Benefits for Faculty and Staff

The Engage website and engagement record connects students with various engagement opportunities, including high-impact practices, to help them develop as individuals and be more successful while at the University of Iowa and after they graduate. The benefits include:

  • Improved student experience with more holistic focus on integrated learning
  • Better ability to point students toward experiences that influence their success, including experiential learning opportunities
  • A clearer pathway for all UI students beginning as an engaged new student through to remaining an engaged alumni
  • Improved ability of students to articulate how their experiences have prepared them for further education or employment through purposeful reflection
  • Timelier access to data in order to make strategic and programmatic decisions that support student success

Get Involved

Faculty and staff interested in getting involved can get started at any time. Our suggested pathway is outlined below.

  • Encourage students to view their engagement record and explore the Engage website for engagement opportunities
  • Help students reflect on their experiences. You can review the competencies and suggested reflection questions on this page
  • Support students who are trying to figure out how to get started by connecting them with engagement advising
  • Any questions about a student’s engagement record can be sent to  
  • Contact Teri Schnelle ( to add your engagement opportunity 

Upcoming Developments 

Summer 2022 - Both students and administrators will be able to see how a student has been engaged and involved on campus throughout their time at Iowa in one place. An administrative/partner view will be available tentatively by summer 2022. 

Fall 2022 - Currently, student organizations, study abroad, and student employment engagement have been uploaded into the engagement record.  Plans are under way to bring in the other data sources, like volunteer and service information, research, and experiential course enrollment, by the end of fall 2022.